El-P & Killer Mike – Meow the Jewels (is finally here!)

El-P & Killer Mike – Meow the Jewels (is finally here!)

bassmaster 26.09.2015

Last year El-P and Killer Mike brought us the second part of there highly anticipated „Run the Jewels“ Project. More that one year later they release a Remix Album from „Run the Jewels 2“ only with cat sounds.

So this is how it happened. El-P was a little high and funny, so he decided to write ridiculous Bonus Version Packages of the „Run the Jewels 2“ Album and put them on the Daylight Curfew Website. You can view them here

Run The Jewels will re-record RTJ2 using nothing but cat sounds for music. You are free to profit from this album in any way you see fit up to 100k in net global profit or 3 years (whichever comes first).

-El-P- (http://www.daylightcurfew.com/collections/run-the-jewels/products/rtj2-the-meow-the-jewels-album-package)

No one ever expected of any Version to become real, but then a Fan made a Kickstarter Page for the „Meow the Jewels“ Project.

2.828 Backers funded the Project with 65.783 $ El-P announced they will donate the proceeds from the project to the families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. So the money made with this Project will go to victims of Police brutality.

And now it is real, it’s here! I love the Internet!

This was the first Single „Meowrly (Boots Remix)“



1. Meowpurrdy feat. Lil Bub, Maceo, Delonte & Snoop Dogg (Remixed by EL-P) 

2. Oh My Darling Don’t Meow (Remixed by Just Blaze)

3. Pawfluffer Night (Remixed by Zola Jesus)

4. Close Your Eyes And Meow To Fluff (Remixed by Geoff Barrow)

5. All Meow Life (Remixed by Nick Hook)

6. Lie, Cheat, Meow (Remixed by Prince Paul)

7. Meowrly (Remixed by BOOTS)

8. Paw Due Respect (Remixed by Blood Diamonds)

9. Snug Again (Remixed by Little Shalimar)

10. Creown (Remixed by The Alchemist)

11. Angelsnuggler (Remixed by Dan The Automator)

12. Creown (BONUS) (Remixed by 3D of Massive Attack)


You can download the Album here on the Official Run the Jewels Website. Just type in your Email Adress and press the button. You can order the Vinyl Version here, it will ship in late November.

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